Workshops | Hearings

We will have two hearings/workshop sessions on Friday afternoon before opening worship, and two more on Saturday. There will be a variety of workshops offered during each session, each one related to our theme of We Walk Together.

Sessions will be available Friday: 1:00pm & 2:15pm, and Saturday: 11:00am & 4:30pm

  • Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

  • World Hunger: Domestic Hunger Grants highlighting the Post Falls Food Bank

  • Mwangaza: Education for Partnership of Education, Health, Family, and Faith

  • Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese -- 2018 Trip Recap and 2020 Trip Opportunities

  • Ulanga-Kilombero Diocese Guests -- Hear from Pastors Moses Nwaka and Eliud Payowela

  • ELCA Fund for Leaders: The ELCA Fund for Leaders scholarship program supports students of tremendous promise attending ELCA seminaries.

  • ELCA Churchwide Report: Receive an update about our Churchwide expression and have an opportunity to interact with our Churchwide Representative, Gabi Aelabouni

  • Global Music -- Our Glocal Musicians will leader workshop participants in learning about how music around the world can enrich our worship experience.

  • Glocal Workshop 1

  • Glocal Workshop 2

  • Legal Checklist: Pastors and Congregational leaders will learn about important legal items to be aware of in this important and informational workshop

  • Word and Service Entrance Rite: Learn about and have discussion around the recommendations concerning the entrance rite for the Word and Service roster coming before the ELCA Churchwide Assembly this summer.

  • Synod Assembly Orientation: An important introduction to Synod Assembly for those who haven't been to an Assembly before (or would like a refresher)

  • Synod Budget Hearing

  • Mission Interpretation: Telling the Story

  • Mission Interpretation: An Update

  • Sabbath: Take the time for self-care and rest. Have some quiet prayer time in our Chapel, go for a walk along the Greenbelt, or rest/refresh in another way of your choosing.