Lutheran Community Services Northwest


Lutheran Community Services Northwest is owned by the synods of Region 1 and uses government contracts to provide public social services otherwise difficult to find. Current work includes the Sexual Assault and Family Trauma Center; children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors; Foster Care and Adoption Programs; Crime Victim Service Center; and Human Trafficking Information and resources. LCS-NW is the most basic way the church offers public social ministry in the healing name of Jesus Christ.

A direct grant from the Synod through a capital campaign will make possible the leverage to authenticate a new ministry for larger granting agencies. Our expression in the concrete healing outreach of the church offers us the opportunity to make a fresh investment in the respected ministry work of Lutheran Community Services.

We appreciate your support!

Mail Mission Campaign donations to:

Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod
245 E 13th Ave, #A
Spokane, WA 99202-1114