SHARE Fund (Synod Help and Response Endowment)

The Synod’s Endowment for Mission (approximately $800,000 in 2016) was established in order to give the Synod the ability to support new congregational mission initiatives; support for pastoral sabbaticals ($3,000 - $5,000 each); emergency assistance when needed by a pastor or congregation. Approximately $300,000 has been distributed over 10 years.

Influential distributions from this fund include a $5,000 initial gift given to the Senior Housing Project at First Lutheran Church in Sandpoint, ID. This initial gift was leveraged into a $15M loan from the Mission Investment Fund to build 85 units of senior housing.


We appreciate your support!

Mail Mission Campaign donations to:

Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod
245 E 13th Ave, #A
Spokane, WA 99202-1114