About Mission Interpreters

Mission Interpreters are people in congregations called to keep themselves aware of what the ELCA (our congregations, our agencies, our missionaries, and everyone else) is doing around the world! THEN, they share that WONDERFUL information in a variety of ways with in their congregation, letting them know that their offerings (sent as Mission Support to the Synod who in turn sends it as Mission Support to the ELCA) make a BIG difference in the lives of so many, both near and far.

Are you interested in being a Mission Interpreter for your congregation NOW? Do you know of someone who’s talents would be perfect for the call? Just email our Mission Interpreter Coordinator, Deacon Dave Hellerich to learn more about it.

It's fun, it's easy, it builds vitality and it's INCREDIBLY interesting. You wouldn't believe all the ways this church does ministry! YOU are needed! Because WE all need to hear how God’s work is being done by our hands.