LCM @ University of Idaho

822 Elm St Moscow, ID 83843 | Facebook

 Lutheran Campus Ministry offers you…
…An opportunity to meet new friends. It is like a family…and we are always ready to adopt another sibling!
…A place to ask questions and deepen your faith. Questions and diversity are encouraged and respect of differences is expected.
…Ways to serve. Volunteer opportunities ranging from the student garden on campus, to helping out through area churches, to national service projects sponsored by Lutheran Student Movement.
…Free Food. Each Wednesday we gather at 6 p.m. to eat a meal together. Most programs at the Campus Christian Center offer free food as well.
…Worship and Bible Study. On Wednesdays, after our shared meal we continue our time together with Bible Study and periodically a worship service with Holy Communion.
…Pastoral Care and conversation.  Karla Neumann Smiley is available for conversation by drop-in or appointment.  Whatever is on your mind or heart, we can talk about it.