Campus Ministries of Northwest Intermountain Synod

Campus life is starting to buzz again with the arrival of students for Fall classes.  Our Campus Ministers, Nick Nicolai, Karla Neumann Smiley, and Arianna Arends, are busy prepping brochures, email blasts, promotional give-aways, meals, volunteers, programming, and of course praying for all returning and beginning students at our state universities. 

It is not too late to get us names and contact information for students that you know who are attending a local or distant university!  The easiest way is through the website:  This will give the local campus minister the ability to contact and welcome these young people and continue their spiritual care.

Please include us in your congregational and individual prayers during this busy time, so that we may be upheld with the Holy Spirit to welcome, uplift, encourage, serve, and inspire the young people God places in our communities. Remember that we are a continuation of your ministry, and an outreach to those seeking God’s love and mission.

 O God, you are the Giver of the gift of the mind, the Source and Revealer of all knowledge and truth, and the One who calls us to witness and to serve wherever we are.  Guide all who minister, learn and teach on college campuses, that together we may know and do what is good. Prompt, guide, and multiply our witness. Inspire and equip us to embody your love for others, as your Son has embodied it for us. Bless all the Christian campus ministries; and by your gracious aid, keep us faithful to the Gospel, make us effective in the work to which you have called us.  In the name of Christ we pray.  Amen.  (adapted from “Order for Opening of a School Year” by Lloyd Kittlaus, University Lutheran Church, Evanston, Illinois.)