SHARE is an acronym for “Synodical Help and Response Endowment” Fund.

The SHARE Fund of the Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod is established to provide additional resources to help congregations and other outreach ministries during times of change and/or development and to provide for the spiritual and emotional support of those on the Roster in our Synod.

The SHARE Endowment is managed on behalf of the Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod by the ELCA Foundation (Pooled Trust, Endowment Management).  The Executive Committee of the Synod is charged with overseeing SHARE and distributing assets. 


Who is Eligible to Apply: 

  1. Congregations

  2. Other directly funded synod ministries.

  3. By recommendation from Synod Committees i.e. Executive, Outreach, etc.

  4. Congregations/agencies denied ELCA Outreach Grants may still qualify for funding through SHARE.


Requests must fall under two emphases that SHARE supports:

  1. New mission congregations and mission endeavors

  2. Congregations whose pastors/rostered leaders are in need
    a) sabbatical, continuing education, which will enhance ministry and benefit the parish they serve,
    b) death or illness in family.


Requests must include:

  • Clear Objectives for use of funds

  • Description of Congregational/Ministry site involvement.

  • How much time, effort and money the congregation is willing to put into the project.



  • Requests will not be funded for "ordinary" expenses of ministry.

  • Money will be disbursed to congregations/synod ministries, not to individuals.

 Please email the synod office to request a SHARE Grant application.